Elna Binding Foot


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Elna Binding Foot
Introducing the Elna Binding Foot – a versatile accessory that elevates your sewing projects by effortlessly adding bias tape for a polished finish. This foot is not only a must-have for seamlessly binding edges but also proves invaluable for creating reversible garments, intricate edge finishings, and crafting loops and ties with precision.

At the heart of this exceptional foot is the innovative spiral cone feature. This design marvel expertly wraps pre-pleated bias tape, while the foot smoothly guides it along the edge of your sewn fabric. The result? A neatly bound, professional-looking finish that adds a touch of finesse to your creations.

Ideal for accommodating folded bias tape of 1.50 cm, the Elna Binding Foot takes the hassle out of intricate binding processes. Whether you're working on quilts, clothing, or accessories, this foot streamlines the task of achieving clean, uniform edges, ensuring your projects attain a level of sophistication that stands out.

Say goodbye to time-consuming binding methods and welcome efficiency and precision into your sewing routine with the Elna Binding Foot. Elevate your creations by effortlessly adding bias tape, creating beautifully finished edges, and exploring the world of reversible designs, loops, and ties. The possibilities are endless with this indispensable tool that brings a professional touch to every stitch.