Ditch Buddy

Thread Waggle Quilting

Regular price $14.95

Ditch Buddy was designed to fit comfortably in most peoples hands.  It is a 3 inch by 7 inch ruler.   There are 2 styles of Ditch Buddy rulers.  

Ditch Buddy 45 has straight quarter inch echo lines that repeat across the ruler.  On both ends it has a 45 degree line and echo lines so that you can easily echo off the 45 degree lines.   

Ditch Buddy 60/30 Has both 30 degree and 60 degree lines on both ends of the ruler in addition to the straight 1/4 echo lines for the long side of the ruler.  

Buy 3 or more TWQ branded rulers are receive at 10% discount by using the MoreRulers! discount code!!   Ruler sets are not included in the discount, as they are already 10% off normal prices.  

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